Fonds Respect is a new site that assists investors in finding suitable investment opportunities in Switzerland and beyond. We provide news and information from the major European stock markets. In addition to our real time data feeds we provide analysis and interpretation of financial results released to the stock market.

We offer advice and guidance on all major industries from agriculture, through to manufacturing, live casino gambling and technology sectors.

We are shortly to launch our the new Fonds Respect platform that will bring real time trading information to investors across Switzerland. Please be patient while we upgrade this platform.

Why use an investment platform like Fonds Respect?

Investing is a fast moving area, that requires patience, quick thing and an ability to make split second decisions. No investment expert can cover all markets, and that is where a platform such as Fonds Respect comes in. Without proper research, investing on European markets can often be a gamble, and it would be no exaggeration to say that some investors take such a short term approach to investments that their actions could be perceived to be a little more than a gamble at their local casino.

Our platform aims to cut out the middleman, whilst at the same time ensuring that enough investment information is made available to enable quick and informed investment decisions. There are a huge number of investment tools out there, but we believe that a small number of these have weaknesses, and our platform aims to provide an all in one solution that is both cost effective and productive.

Is the platform simple to us?

We certainly hope so. We think that most users will find the Fonds Respect platform simple to understand and to use. It’s interface has been designed to not only look fantastic from a design perspective, but it is also highly customisable, so end users can adjust the views available within the platform so that it fits with their own individual specific needs.

We envisage that when the platform launches, investors will be able to use it to manage a large number of assets, from stocks and shares to exchange traded funds. We aren’t there yet with this, and more testing is required, but we hope that our platform will provide a one-stop solution for home investors.

How to choose an investment paltform?

As mentioned above, there are a large number of investment platforms out there. We should know as we have looked at a very large number of them. Choosing a suitable platform in an important decision, and which platform is suitable for your needs will depend very much on your budget, where you invest as well as what types of investment assets you typically invest in. AS number of platforms offer a trial whereby you can become accustomed to their tool. This is a great way to become familiar with the platforms out there, and will go a long way in assisting you in finding a platform that closely matches your investment needs.

When will the Fonds Respect platform be ready?

It takes a considerable amount of investment, both in time and finances to produce a tool which can be used by professional investors. We are still designing and testing our tool to ensure that it is as productive as we hope it can be. We will have news in the next few months which we hope will be positive. Check back here soon for the latest developments.